1. Shetland Fiddle and Accordion Festival
    Shetland Fiddle and Accordion Festival
  2. Shetland Small Boat Week
    Shetland Small Boat Week
  3. Shetland Wool Week
    Shetland Wool Week
  4. Lerwick Shopping Week
    Lerwick Shopping Week
  5. Up Helly Aa
    Lerwick Up Helly Aa
  6. Shetland Folk Festival
    Shetland Folk Festival
  7. Simmer Dim Rally
    Simmer Dim Rally
  8. Shetland Classic Motor Show
    Shetland Classic Motor Show

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Shetland in Top 10

Looks like our secret is out!. Shetland has been ranked No 6 in the Lonely Planet Top 10 of Europe's travel destinations for 2019
We have known for a long time that we offer something to suit every taste but, it feels really good to get some recognition.

Shetland Folk Festival 2019

Shetland Folk Festival is the UK's most northerly event of it's kind and this year marks it's 39th year. Concerts will take place at venues throughout Shetland and will feature some of the best of International, British and Shetland music and artists. The event runs from May 2nd - May 5th 2019

The Simmer Dim Rally

Established in 1982 and held in around the 21st June every year, the simmer Dim Rally is one of the best organised, and most popular, motorcycling rallies in the UK. Although it is a "ticket only" event, it attracts visitors from far and wide with many vowing to return again and again.

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