1. Shetland Fiddle and Accordion Festival
    Shetland Fiddle and Accordion Festival
  2. Shetland Small Boat Week
    Shetland Small Boat Week
  3. Shetland Wool Week
    Shetland Wool Week
  4. Lerwick Shopping Week
    Lerwick Shopping Week
  5. Up Helly Aa
    Lerwick Up Helly Aa
  6. Shetland Folk Festival
    Shetland Folk Festival
  7. Simmer Dim Rally
    Simmer Dim Rally
  8. Shetland Classic Motor Show
    Shetland Classic Motor Show

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Blog - A Week in the Shetland Islands

Blogger Heart My Backpack recently spent a week in the Shetland Islands through a paid partnership between VisitScotland, Promote Shetland and NorthLink Ferries.
It's a good read and you can find it here > Read the Blog
Also on offer are a couple of YouTube Videos of her experiences on the Island.
There is a Long Version and a Short Version. Both offer a great perspective.

Shetland in Top 10

Looks like our secret is out!. Shetland has been ranked No 6 in the Lonely Planet Top 10 of Europe's travel destinations for 2020
We have known for a long time that we offer something to suit every taste but, it feels really good to get some recognition.

New Photo Gallery

We have just uploaded a new Gallery of photographs taken around Lerwick.
The new gallery is at : Lerwick
There are more than 200 pictures, mostly of Cruise Liners and other visiting vessels but, also included are a few "street shots".
If you have any photographs taken on a visit to the Islands, and you would like them included, please send them to our Web Design Team.
Full credit and copyright will be given for all pictures included.

January 2020

January sees the start of the Shetland Fire festival Season with the first of the 12 events being Scalloway Fire festival on Friday 10th january.

Up-Helly-Aa and other Shetland Fire Festivals

Shetland is home to quite a few Fire Festivals and the "season" runs from early January to mid March each year. With the exception of the world famous main festival, Up-Helly-Aa, which is always held on the last Tuesday of January, they are all held on a Friday. Although the festivals running order is always the same, exact dates for each event change slightly each year (to try and avoid conflicts) and are published well in advance.
There are many Youtube and other social media videos and photographs of all the different Up Helly Aa's and we have added a few Youttube links to ge you started
Visitors should also note that for Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa the minimum booking is for 3 (three) nights and that we cannot source tickets for individual venues at any of the Fire Festivals.
You should also note that, although they might be able to provide you with a list of current Lerwick venues and hostesses, the Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa committee cannot source venue tickets.
It is also not possible for them to provide tickets, or information, for any of the other Fire Festivals held outwith Lerwick.
The following links point to Web Pages, Social Media and various articles describing each event.

Shetland Fire Festivals in Chronological Order

Scalloway Fire Festival - 1st or 2nd Friday in January

Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa, Last Tuesday in January

Lerwick Junior Up-Helly-Aa

Nesting and Girlsta Up-Helly-Aa, Early February

Uyeasound Up-Helly-Aa, 2nd Friday in February

Northmavine Up-Helly-Aa, 3rd Friday in February

Bressay Up-Helly-Aa, Last Friday in February

Cullivoe Up-Helly-Aa, Last Friday in February

Norwick Up-Helly-Aa, 2nd Friday in March

Walls Junior Up-Helly-Aa

South Mainland Up-Helly-Aa, 2nd Friday in March

Delting Up-Helly-Aa, 3rd Friday in MArch

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