Shetland Wool Week

The Directors and Management of KGQ Hotels are enthusiastic supporters of all things "Shetland" and would like to take this opportunity to give potential visitors a quick "brief" on Shetland Wool Week.
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Originally started in 2009 (by Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith (Shetland Wool Brokers) Ltd. and assisted by the late Jimmy Moncrieff of Shetland Amenity Trust) with the intention of promoting the local textile industry and heritage, Shetland Wool Week has quickly become a very popular event with a very healthy international following.
For 2018, the programme extends to 9 days of Exhibitions, Classes, Events, Tours and Talks covering many different subjects and highly skilled tutors will also be running specialist classes covering a variety of techniques and topics.
Full details of all events etc. can be found on the Shetland Wool Week web site.

Talks, Shows and Drop-Ins

Top of the list is the Shetland Wool Week Welcome meeting to be held at the new Anderson High School 19:00- 20:30 on Sunday 23rd September. This will be an informal gathering where you can get a chance to find our about the week ahead, meet SWW patron Elizabeth Johnston, visiting instructors and fellow wool enthusiasts.
After that, there will be a number of shows, talks, and drop-ins you might wish to attend.

Exhibitions, Open Studios and Open Days

There will be a large number (to many to mention individually) of exhibitions, open studios and open days run by local craft businnesses and volunteers for visitors to attend. Each one demonstrating the huge variety of things that can be done with a very basic textile product.

Tours and Demonstrations

There are quite a few tours and demonstrations that may be of interest.
From general tours around the island, tours of crofts, a tour of the local spinning mill and, last but not least, a raw wool sorting and grading demonstration by Oliver Henry.


Whatever your interest, there are classes to cover all aspects of traditional Shetland Knitwear production. From spinning, lace making, crochet, felt making, dyeing, general knitting, fair isle knitting, weaving, embroider, and a host of other techniques aimed at both beginners and advanced enthusiasts.