Our Live Stream WebCam of Lerwick Harbour

We have an IP Camera on the Roof of the Grand Hotel that offers an impressive view over Lerwick Harbour towards the island of Bressay.
We cannot guarantee 100% "uptime" on the camera but, we will do our best to keep the stream running. You should also please be aware that there might be several minutes of buffering before the image refreshes to the "live" view.
If you would like to return to this page for a regular look, please "Bookmark" it in your Browser to add it to your "Favourites" list.
Clicking on the "Lerwick Harbour Live" title in the video will take you directly to our YouTube "Live Chat Stream" where you can chat with some of the "regulars" and maybe, get a little extra information about our hotels and Shetland.

The camera vantage point is located on the turret at the south end of the hotel, facing a few degrees North of due East (roughly 20) and covers the Inner Basin of Lerwick Harbour, The Victoria Pier, and the island of Bressay.

The still frame above was taken at the September Equinox so, due East is pretty much where the Sun is rising.
The view from this vantage point is quite spectacular, and although it is a bit higher up, is very similar to the view available from our Breakfast Room.
The link to view our Live Stream Chat Room on YouTube, alternatively, you can access it directly (on YouTube) by doing a search for "Lerwick Harbour Live" (without the quotes).

If we have whetted your appetite, there are a number of other interesting WebCams on Shetland, and this link leads to a good collection of them.