1. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at te Queens Hotel, Lerwick
  2. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel, Lerwick
  3. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel, Lerwick
  4. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
  5. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel, Lerwick
  6. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
  7. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel, Lerwick
  8. Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel
    Malt Whisky Selection at the Queens Hotel, Lerwick

The Queens Hotel Malt Whisky List

The Public Cafe Bar at the Queens Hotel specialises in the very popular Malt Whisky and stocks more than 50 different varieties.
Whatever you fancy, we have one to suit.
Customers should note that we do not carry anywhere near this size of selection at the Grand Hotel.

Aberlour 10 Year Old

Aberlour 10 Year Old Aberlour 10 Bottling Note
Matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and sherry casks, this 10 year old from Aberlour remains a perennial favourite, typical of the modern Speyside style and thoroughly approachable. Such is its popularity that this bottling has been exported to over fifty countries.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Sweet and full, Sherried raisins, hints of toffee and a pleasant nuttiness.
Palate: Quite full-bodied, spicy rich fruitcake, toffee notes and a creamy malty-feel and the vaguest whisper of something akin to synthetic banana.
Finish: Caramel and honey, the malt still evident and the sweet spices still linger.
Overall: Lovely and rich.
Recommended food pairing: Haggis

anCnoc 12 Year Old

anCnoc 12 Year OldKnockdhu renamed their whiskies anCnoc to avoid confusion with the nearby Knockando distillery.
This 12 year old exhibits a gentle, non-Sherried style of whisky.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Aromatic, quite robust, honeysuckle, fresh flowers, cereals, barley.
Palate: Medium, good sweetness, Madeira, winter spices, mocha, Crème de Cacao, herbal hints and toasted granary bread.
Finish: Medium length, great interplay between oak and barley.
Recommended food pairing: Mature Cheddar or Rare Beef

Ardbeg 10 Year Old

Ardbeg 10 Year Old Ardbeg 10 Year Old Bottling Note
Jim Murray's 2008 World Whisky of the Year! When Ardbeg 10 was released it was the first expression from the distillery not to be chill-filtered. It's a true classic from Islay, and a must have for any fan of single malt whisky.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: A ridge of vanilla leads to mountain of peat capped with citrus fruits and circled by clouds of sea spray.
Palate: Sweet vanilla counterbalanced with lemon and lime followed by that surging Ardbeg smoke that we all know and love.
Finish: Long and glorious; sea salted caramel and beach bonfire smoke.
Overall: Precise balance, big smoke and non-chill filtered. This is why this is such a famous dram.
Recommended Food Pairing: Steak, Salmon or Lobster


Ardmore Released in 2014 to take the place of the Ardmore Traditional, the Legacy brings a lightly-peated, wood spice-led flavour profile to the table. At its core, the Ardmore Legacy is made with 80% peated and 20% unpeated malt.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: It leans more on the savoury than the sweet side of things, with light barbecue char and earthy notes up-front. Sweet cinnamon, fresh honey and vanilla toffee waft up at points.
Palate: More charred, smoky notes, joined by drying oak, pear drops and subtle grassy touches. Give it a minute for citrus zest and expressive heather to appear.
Finish: A lasting peat smoke finish, with a little bit of honeyed barley for good measure.
Recommended food pairing: Lamb Stew

Balvenie - Caribbean Cask

Balvenie Caribbean Cask Balvenie Caribbean Cask Bottling Note
This whisky has been matured for 14 years in traditional oak casks before being transferred to Caribbean rum casks to impart some extra flavour. This process has created a well-rounded and drinkable whisky with notes of fruit and vanilla.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: The aroma is rich with notes of tropical fruits, namely passion fruit, and creamy toffee.
Palate: Sweet vanilla forms a creamy palate with notes of apples and mangoes with a hint of orange in the background.
Finish: The finish lingers with a vanilla focussed character.
Overall: Mouth-coating and fruity with superb balance, this is an excellent new release from the chaps at Balvenie.

Balvenie DoubleWood - 12 year old

Balvenie DoubleWood 12 year oldAged in refill American oak casks before being finished in first fill European oak Sherry casks, DoubleWood is an excellent example of what the Balvenie distillery can craft, even at 12 years
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Gristly, supple nuttiness intertwined with spices, honeyed sultanas and grapes. Balvenie is hugely inviting.
Palate: Sweet with good body. The bourbon characters develop; gentle spice with a little vanilla, a hint of balancing peat lurking quietly in the substrata. Dried fruit too, combining with nuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, back into the bourbon notes - so well integrated.
Finish: Spicy, slightly drying, but still sweet.
Overall: A classic, always a pleasure to revisit. (This is also a single malt with the ability to convert a non-whisky drinker with its deliciousness...)

Bruichladdich Islay Barley

Bruichladdich Islay Barley A special release from Bruichladdich for the 2010 Islay Festival, this was distilled in 2004 and aged in a fresh sherry butt (cask number 1667) before bottling as part of an outturn of 1060 50cl bottles. Each is individually numbered. This bottle is homage to Richard Macaire who passed away in 2010. Richard was the laird of Foreland and Kentraw. Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt Nose: Nutty with notes of burnt sugar and digestive biscuits. Butterscotch, then custard, mixed nuts and plenty of spice.
Palate: Bit tiramisu notes, and plenty of sherry, spices and good fruit. Has maybe a touch of Brandy de Jerez.
Finish: Very spicy, good length and hints of smoke.

Bruichladdich Octomore 6.1 5 Year Old Scottish Barley

Bruichladdich Octomore 6.1 5 Year Old Scottish BarleyOctomore 5 Year Old Bottling Note
Octomore is the sixth edition of experimental Octomore, famous for being made with the most heavily peated barley on the planet. Bruichladdich are still able to impart a delicate, graceful emphasis within this intense whisky.
Recommended food pairing: Cream Cheese

Bruichladdich - Octomore Masterclass 8.1

Bruichladdich Octomore Masterclass 8.1Octomore Masterclass_08.1 Bottling Note
Distilled in 2009 using Scottish barley from the 2008 harvest, this Octomore was peated to a level of 168 PPM.
Holy phenolic fireworks Batman! (Although this series counter intuitively, is also known for its relative subtlety.)
Matured exclusively in first fill American oak casks (ex-Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill and Jack Daniels, if you were wondering), 08.1 has been bottled at a healthy 59.3% abv with neither artificial colouring nor chill filtration.
Recommended food pairing: Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley - The Classic Laddie

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley - The Classic LaddieLaddie Scottish Barley
The classic laddie was created by Jim McEwan from whisky matured in American oak casks alongside Lochindaal, and chosen to represent the classic, unpeated distillery style.
Bruichladdich's new signature bottling is made with 100% Scottish barley.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Elegantly sweet with honey'd barley, boiled sweets and orange petals. It contains wafts of sea air.
Palate: Red apples and white grapes, with touches of sweet cinnamon and brown sugar, still softly coastal.
Finish: Mineral-rich malt, with toffee and more honey.
Recommended food pairing: Smokey Bacon or Butterscotch Cream Cheese

Cragganmore 12 year old

Cragganmore 12 year old Cragganmore is Sherried 12 year old single malt from Diageo's Classic Malts range, this bottling from the Cragganmore distillery represents Speyside and proffers a rich, slightly floral whisky with barley notes.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Aromatic, floral like Heather, fruit salad, creamy texture followed by smoked almonds, long hay.
Palate: Rich, honey, stone fruits, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and berries.
Finish: Smoky, good length, delicate peppery spice.
Recommended food pairing: sweet, rich foods such as lobster, suckling pig or a combined dish of prunes and bacon.

Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old

Dalwhinnie 15 Year OldA great malt which Jim Murray awarded 95 points in his Whisky Bible; this is excellent value for money.
The flavours are simple, but flawless, a clean, crisp 15 year old from the Dalwhinnie distillery, also part of Diageo's Classic Malts range.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Aromatic, toffee, fruit salad, lush nectarine, custard, followed by a floral, apple blossom, honeysuckle. Apple peels, pear, touch of smoke.
Palate: Malty. Walnuts steeped in Manuka honey with vanilla sponge. Gentle smoke weaves its way through the cereal with a touch of spice.
Finish: Long, malty, walnut, and almond.
Recommended food pairing: Red Emperor Salad Roulade

Dalwhinnie - Winter's Gold

Dalwhinnie - Winter's GoldDalwhinnie Winter's Gold is a 2015 addition to the Highland distillery's range inspired by the chilly climate up in the remote part of Scotland where their single malt Scotch whisky is distilled - as the label remarks; it was "Crafted by the Cold".
It's made only with spirit that has been distilled between October and March, and interestingly enough, they suggest that you try serving this expression frozen!
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Oak spice, pear skins, golden syrup and gristy malt, a touch of peach polish and chewy, sticky toffee. From the freezer it's fruitier, more green apple, apple sauce, toffee apple, sultana, even redcurrant.
Palate: Very honeyed with warming peppery spices, Big Red cinnamon. From the freezer the honey is kept in check much more, as are the spices. There is plenty of apple flesh and orange peel.
Finish: Allspice, nutmeg and smoky malt. From the freezer the finish is more about the spicy cinnamon and peppercorn heat that's found on the palate at room temperature.
Overall: An assertive, spicy, honeyed Dalwhinnie with enough sweetness and character to be served straight from the freezer (as intended).

Glen Grant 10 Year Old

Glen Grand 10 Year Old Glen Grant is gentle, delicate 10 year old single malt, a great beginner's whisky from the Glen Grant distillery.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Medium, vanilla, toffee apple followed by herbal with a hint of smoke.
Palate: Firm, sweetness, fruity, vanilla, gentle peat, malty. Finish: Dry, supple peat, toffee.

Glenfiddich - 12 year old

Glenfiddich - 12 year oldThis classic Speyside from Glenfiddich was the Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2007 International Wine and Spirit Competition, aged for 12 years in American and European Oak casks.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Grain with a Slight floral scent, mineral. Followed by spirit, orchard fruit, malty, honey. Citrus develops.
Palate: Light, floral, spices. It is very smooth.
Finish: Sweet, touch of oak and general fruit, oily.
Overall: Stereotypical Speyside. Consistent - a good benchmark.
Recommended food pairing: Scampi Sashimi

Glenfiddich 15 year old

Glenfiddich 15 year oldGlenfiddich 15 Solera Bottling Note
A 15 year old matured in American bourbon, Portuguese sherry and virgin oak. The whisky was then married in a Solera vat. This is a great staple 15 year old from the Glenfiddich distillery.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Sherry, citrus - orange in particular, dry wood. It possible contains a slight suggestion of smoke
Palate: Medium, Sherry, raisins with Fruitcake, spices, sweetness.
Finish: Candied fruits, raisins, spices, Christmas pudding, oak takes over.
Recommended food pairing: Braised Whole Albone with Black Mushroom in Oyster Sauce

Glenfiddich - 18 Year Old

Glenfiddich – 18 Year Old Glenfiddich 18 Bottling Note
This 18 year old from Glenfiddich's core range was matured in a mix of Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Loads of fruit, zesty grapefruit, and baked toffee apples with dry, chocolate Flake-y wood and cinnamon.
Palate: Candied fruits and Glenfiddich freshness balances richer notes of dried apricot, more cinnamon and toffee, ginger and dry Sherry.
Finish: Peels and a touch of salted toffee.
Overall: Glenfiddich is wonderfully rich and enjoyable.
Recommended food pairing: Cinnamon Praline

Glengoyne - 10 year old

Glengoyne 10 year oldGlengoyne is soft, sweet 10 year old single malt from the Glengoyne distillery and a winner of a Gold Medal at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Slightly herbal, big bourbon influence which has brought a wonderful "high note", followed by white milk bottle sweets, more creamy than fruity.
Palate: Barley rich, more bourbon influence. Clean and dry.
Finish: Long, barley rich, touch of hoi sin.
Recommended food pairing: Dark Chocolate

Glenkinchie - 12 year old

Glenkinchie 12 year oldThis 12 year old is the new entry level bottling from Glenkinchie, released in 2007 to replace the 10 year old.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
The nose is quite light, yet fragrant. It contains notes of fresh cereal and grist, some barley sweetness and a nutty note. Acacia honey creeps in with gentle warmth.
The palate is very fruity with notes of Madeira and sweet stewed fruits with a hint of calvados and tannic oak lining the mouth. There is a freshness and roundness to this dram.
The finish is of medium length with notes of cereal and a fresh greenness.
Recommended food pairing: Cheesecake

Glenlivet - Founders Reserve

Glenlivet Founders ReserveFounder's Reserve Bottling Note
First revealed towards the end of 2014, the Founder's Reserve is now available in the UK and will be replacing the 12 year old in many of the mature markets despite initial indications that it would sit beside it, broadening the entry-level options.
Named in tribute to distillery founder George Smith, it's packaged in Georgian blue.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Some dates then what at first appears to be a touch of salinity, but is better described as a slightly sharp plum and apricot wine note. There's orange zest, toffee, hints of struck match and chocolate raisins, there's also pear drops, a dusting of sweet cinnamon, honeysuckle and sweet pea.
Palate: Fruity, then sweet, more toffee, a touch of anise, then into milk chocolate Flakes, Banoffee pie and apple turnovers.
Finish: Creamy toffee to the fore now, a little oak and sweet barley sugar warmth too. Milk chocolate raisins linger.
Overall: Perhaps a little sweet, but it would work well with ice where the sweetness would be slightly suppressed - and before you shudder with disgust, Alan Winchester said that he liked his with a little ice sometimes too. And if it's good enough for the Master Distiller

Glenmorangie 10 Year Old - The Original

Glenmorangie 10 Year Old - The OriginalGlenmorangie 10 Year Old Bottling Note
Original is the core bottling in the Glenmorangie range, released to replace the old 10 year old. This really is classic malt that is so creamy and fruity.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Very fruity and thick. Rich notes of lemon, nectarine and apple with spices.
Palate: Fresh and balanced, vanilla then boiled sweets, very creamy, tiramisu, toffee.
Finish: Quite long, gentle, malty and very fruity.
Recommended food pairing: Crème Brule

Glenmorangie - 18 year old - Extremely Rare

Glenmorangie – 18 year old – Extremely RareA wonderfully creamy and thick 18 year old dram, matured for 15 years in ex bourbon casks before being finished in Oloroso sherry casks.
It is an exquisite, tropical-fruit driven Glenmorangie.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Creamy honey and Greek yoghurt, grapefruit, exotic spice, berry compote.
Palate: Tinned citrus, lychee, very creamy, honey.
Finish: Very good, big oak, citrus peels.
Recommended food pairing: Scallops

Hakasho - Distillers Reserve

Hakasho – Distillers Reserve Hakasho Reserve Bottling Note
From the Hakasho distillery in the foothills of Mount Kaikomagatake comes their Distiller's Reserve single malt whisky, a no-age-statement expression that captures the smoky, herbaceous characteristics of their whiskies. Both lightly-peated and heavily-peated malts were used for this complex and deeply enjoyable whisky. One of two spring 2014 releases from Suntory.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: The herbs are very up front with this one. It has peppermint, pine and pleasant grassy notes. The cucumber and melon scents round out the nose.
Palate: All the notes on the nose swim effortlessly through the palate, the mint developing sweeter notes as it goes on. Citrus zest also pops in to say hello.
Finish: A waft of smoke appears during the long finish.
Overall: This shall make a fantastic Highball. Oh yes it shall.

Highland Park 12 Year Old - Viking Honour

Highland Park 12 Year Old – Viking Honour Highland Park 12yo Bottling Note
Highland Park's spectacular 12 Year Old expression had a full-on Viking make-over in 2017, dubbed Viking Soul (the 18 Year Old is also getting a redesign, too). Stylish new livery and matching sub-name (Viking Honour) aside, the Orcadian single malt remains the same - delicious as ever!
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Fresh, clean and very aromatic. Floral notes abound the senses with a light grassiness. It contains notes of creamy Manuka honey and a touch of juicy citrus with cream and a well-balanced sweetness.
Palate: Rather full with a pleasant depth. Lurking somewhere in the substratum a grilled orange lies. There are notes of granary toast and green tea with jasmine and just a touch of sweetness.
Finish: Quite long with peppery spice and wood shavings.

Highland Park - 15 Year Old

Highland Park - 15 Year OldHighland Park 15 Year Old Bottling Note
Highland Park 15 year old single malt, from Orkney's Highland Park Distillery, which was re-released in 2016.
Dig in to waves of coastal smoke and Sherried peels, with a good core of barley to follow it up.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Orange and lemon peels, joined by sea breeze and vanilla custard.
Palate: Smoke begins light and coastal, develops throughout with a hint of well-toasted malt. Sultanas and redcurrants sit beneath it.
Finish: Long-lasting smoky elements.

Highland Park - 18 year old Viking Pride

Highland Park - 18 year old Viking PrideHighland Park's 18 Year Old enjoyed a redesign in 2017, receiving livery inspired by the wood carvings from Urnes Stave Church and a new sub-name, "Viking Pride". The Orkney single malt remains the same as before - rich, complex and supremely delicious.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: A profusion of ripe floral notes and fresh blossom with a delectable fruit salad. There are notes of honeyed exotic fruits with a little botrytis.
Palate: Creamy and full with fruit conserves and espresso. Highland Park has creaminess with cinnamon and allspice and notes of toffee with thick black forest honey with a touch more citrus.
Finish: Long and well sugared with an herbal edge.
Recommended food pairing: Battered Fish or Smoked Salmon

Highland Park - Dark Origins

Highland Park – Dark Origins Highland Park celebrates the early days of Magnus Eunson's illicit distilling on Orkney, back before the distillery was even founded in 1798.
Magnus worked as a butcher and church official by day, but by night he was a legendary whisky smuggler and distiller outwitting the excise man.
To honour their hero, Highland Park have created a whisky with a suitably 'dark' character. Using 80% first-fill Sherry casks (20% refill) - 60% are first-fill European oak, with 20% being first-fill American oak - an exciting, spicy, chocolatey whisky has been produced
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Dusty baking spices and cocoa at first, cinnamon, vanilla, dates. Coffee cream Revels, a touch of blackcurrant/liquorice, plus butterscotch and an interplay between milk and dark chocolate.
Palate: Sweet, fragrant peat emerges with nutty melted milk chocolate and a little orange alongside some pastries.
Finish: Long and sweet, a little dry chocolate, just a hint of that heather smoke, then salivating.
Overall: Rounded first-fill Sherry notes come from both the European and American oak casks. This is a great, chocolatey addition of a (teenage) no age statement release.

Isle of Jura - 12 Year Old

Isle of Jura – 12 Year Old Isle of Jura 12 Year Old Bottling Note
From the Jura distillery's core range relaunch in 2018 comes a 12 year old single malt, matured in a combination of American oak casks and Oloroso sherry butts.
The 12 year old is a great example of Jura's delicious malts.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Nutty barley, white wine, cinnamon, melon.
Palate: Chocolate fudge, pear, a portion of peppery malt tucked away.
Finish: Sherbet lemons and sultanas.
Recommended food pairing: Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Salad

Isle of Jura - Journey

Isle of Jura – Journey Isle Of Jura Journey Bottling Note
Journey is the entry level expression from the Isle of Jura range (which was relaunched in mid-2018). It was aged exclusively in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels and bottled at 40% ABV. It is a tasty introduction to Jura's single malts.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Melted butter, sugared almond, a very light hint of smoke.
Palate: Honeyed-drenched pear, toffee and pencil shavings.
Finish: Oily walnut and light apricot sweetness.
Recommended Food Pairing: Goats Cheese Tart or Cream Cheese

Lagavulin 12 Year Old (Special Release 2003)

Lagavulin 12 Year Old (Special Release 2003) Lagavulin 12yo 2003 Bottling Note It's the Lagavulin 12 Year Old from Diageo's 2003 Special Releases, which was their third year of Special Releases.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Quite meaty indeed - ham, Frazzles and a hint of BBQ sausage! A subtle sweetness of crème brûlée and strawberry jam, before more savoury notes of cumin and hay arrive.
Palate: Peppercorn, cinnamon and a good whack of peat smoke. It tastes like soda bread with butter, brown sugar, oatcakes.
Finish: Burnt popcorn, oatcake again and a final touch of crystallised ginger.
Recommended food pairing: Aged blue cheese.

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Lagavulin 16 Year Old Lagavulin 16 Year Old Bottling Note
A much sought-after single malt with the massive peat-smoke that's typical of southern Islay - but also offering richness and a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting tipple. The 16 year old has truly become a benchmark Islay dram from the Lagavulin distillery.
If you're looking for a food pairing for this beauty, try intensely flavoured salty blue cheeses, which complement the intense, peat rich, sweet and salty character of this Lagavulin edition wonderfully.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: More like Lapsang Souchong tea than Lapsang Souchong! Lagavulin is one of the smokiest noses from Islay. It's big, very, very concentrated, and redolent of iodine, sweet spices, and good, mature Sherry and creamy vanilla.
Palate: Very thick and rich. It is a massive mouthful of malt and Sherry with good fruity sweetness.
Finish: Long, spicy finish, figs, dates, peat smoke, vanilla.

Laphroaig - 10 year old

Laphroaig – 10 year old Laphroaig is really smoky and iodine rich. This has to be one of Scotland's most characterful drams. Laphroaig are known for their medicinal malts, and the classic 10 year old is no exception.
Tasting Note by us with John Campbell at Laphroaig Distillery
Nose: This opens on big, smoky muscular peat notes. There are spices, and liquorice, as well as a big dose of salt. This whisky has become slightly sweeter in recent years, and it appears beautifully on the nose, amidst the classic iodine/sticking plasters and cool wood smoke we love.
Palate: Seaweed-led, with a hint of vanilla ice cream. The oak is big, and muscles its way into the fore as you hold this whisky over your tongue. An upsurge of spices develops.
Finish: Big and drying, as the savoury, tarry notes build up with an iodine complexity.
Overall: The only malt from Laphroaig's range that John Campbell recommends with water; try it, it opens up the palate massively, providing a dazzling array of additional flavours…

Macallan Gold

Macallan Gold Macallan Gold (35cl) Bottling Note
Creamy, vanilla rich single malt Scotch whisky from Macallan, bottled as part of their 1824 series. The expression's name, 'Gold', comes from the vibrant hue of the whisky - not the ABBA greatest hits album which somehow every single person ever has in their CD collection (even if they don't like ABBA). This is a 35cl bottle.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: This burnished gold spirit presents a lemon citrus nose, the orange peel and an interlacing sweetness that softens but doesn't eliminate the zest. A quiet note of vanilla is followed by dark chocolate - more assertive, yet not overly so but with a lingering floral and light oak notes.
Palate: Citrus and boiled sweets rule the palate, along with hints of ginger and cinnamon, while soft oak tones reveal toasted apples.
Finish: The finish is medium sweet, malty and slightly dry.

Macallan - Sienna

Macallan - Sienna The third darkest and third most expensive bottling in the no age statement, sherry matured 1824 Series from The Macallan. Sienna is a naturally occurring pigment, referring not only to the hue of this expression but to the fact that The Macallan's whiskies are all released with no added colouring.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Noticeably bigger than Gold and Amber, orange peel, vanilla sugar and hot cross buns.
Palate: Raisins and dried apricots, ripe greengages, frozen currants.
Finish: Fruity and slightly spiced with a touch of anise.
Overall: This is where the 1824 Series becomes more intense.
Recommended food pairing: Orange Truffle

Macallan - 12 year old Sherry Oak

Macallan – 12 year old Sherry OakA Sherry wood matured 12 years old from Macallan, a superbly balanced affair, one of the best of its age group.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Crisp and sweet. There are notes of sultanas and fresh apple blossom. There is a defined floral note followed by Sherry hints. Calvados emerges with a tropical fruit note and golden syrup.
Palate: Medium-body and quite firm. There are notes of hot pastries and marmalade, sultanas and peels with a developing sweetness from the barley sugar.
Finish: Good length with a solid oaked note.
Recommended Food Pairing: Pheasant Salad

Monkey Shoulder

Monkey ShoulderCreated by Speyside legends William Grant & Sons, Monkey Shoulder is a blended malt whisky - quite literally a blend of single malts.
It's made with malt from the company's three Dufftown distilleries, which include William Grant's powerhouse Glenfiddich; the malty, honeyed whisky from Balvenie; and finally, Kininvie - a lesser-known distillery which is almost never released as a single malt in its own right.
Combining these three malts, Monkey Shoulder is a deliciously malty, creamy whisky and it represents great value for money. We often consider it a top cocktail whisky, where its balance and hints of spice really sing. However, it is a very fine sipping spirit when served neat. In fact, Jim Murray awarded it an impressive 93 points in his Whisky Bible; Whisky Magazine listed one batch as an Editor's Choice - a coveted title indeed; and it even took home a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2013.
Critic Martine Nouet called the nose "elegant, refined", and Dave Broom described it as "exuberant, sweet and extremely well balanced." We like to think of it as a creamy, malty little whisky with honey, hot-buttered toast and orange notes, all thanks to a good proportion of bourbon casks used in the maturation.
Monkey Shoulder is also known for its unusual name, and the distinctive trio of metal monkeys on the shoulder of the bottle (representing each of the three distilleries used in manufacture). The name actually comes from a ligament injury sometimes sustained by malt men, who spend great lengths of time bending over to turn the barley by hand. The result is a kind of repetitive strain injury to the shoulder. Turning the barley by hand is a fairly ancient practice, though the Balvenie malt men keep the tradition alive to this day!

Muckle Flugga Single Malt

Muckle Flugga Single MaltA single malt Scotch whisky from the Muckle Flugga range, named after a small island in the Shetland Islands.
The whisky (which comes from the Speyside region) is aged in "first-use Sherry oak casks", and are then taken up to the remote archipelago to age for another year, experiencing the harsh seasons before being returned to the mainland for bottling.
The range is known for their blended malt expression.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
It's like ripe orchard fruits, dried raisins, rich honey and touches of sweet Sherry.
Recommended food pairing: Sushi

Oban 14 Year Old

Oban 14 Year OldOban 14 Bottling Note
A bustling seaside resort has grown up around the distillery in the two centuries since it was first built in the fishing town of Oban. The West Highland malt is still produced in the same unhurried, traditional fashion and this 14 year old is a classic dram from the distillery.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
The nose is rich and smokey. The medicinal notes are quite evident with notes of the sea; seaweed, tarry ropes. There are notes of cut hay and wood smoke rising with a gentle estery sweetness. The palate is thick and full. There are notes of citrus with smooth sweetness. The smoke wafts with notes of seaweed. The oak is quite rich with grist and cereal and malt. The finish is of good length with fruit and dry oak.
Recommended food pairing: Oban 14 Year Old works well as an accompaniment to seafood like oysters or smoked salmon, and discover new depths of flavour.

Old Pulteney - 12 year old

Old Pulteney – 12 year oldMatured in ex-bourbon casks for 12 years, this Old Pulteney malt was a Double Gold winner at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Crisp and clean. Great balance reveals notes of herbs and grist, Parsley, almond.
Palate: Balanced with medium body. Musty, nutty, sultana, toffee, spices, and oak.
Finish: Medium, oak, spices.
Recommended food pairing: Oysters or Mussels

Scapa Skiren

Scapa SkirenScapa Skiren Bottling Note
A 2015 addition to the Scapa range, the Skiren is a handsomely honeyed single malt Scotch whisky which has been distilled in the Scotch whisky industry's only remaining working Lomond Still!
It was matured in first fill American oak casks, bringing plenty of vanilla and honey notes to the table.
The name comes from the Old Norse word for "glittering bright skies"...
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Runny honey and fresh cream. Skiren contains hints of apple and a touch of anise. Maybe some crushed nuts, too...
Palate: Continued honey warmth and richness with sparks of juicy pear and lemon peel. Touches of oak develop further on, bringing some balancing spice.
Finish: Medium length and a bit sweet, with oak lasting too.
Recommended food pairing: Chocolate or Coconut

Shetland Reel Whisky

Shetland Reel WhiskyBatches 1 and 2 have flown off the metaphorical shelves here at MoM Towers, so behold! Shetland Reel Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Batch 3 is here.
Expect the same characteristic deliciousness, and a blend of fruit, spice, wood and peat flavours that reflect the environment on the island of Unst, where the Saxa Ford Distillery, which blends the Shetland Reel range, is located.
This is one of just 1,800 bottles so snap it up quick!
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
It tastes unctuous and creamy with vanilla and toffee notes, backed by a wisp of peat. It is tasty stuff indeed.
Recommended food pairing: Cheese Board


Smokehead Smokehead Bottling Note
Smokehead is superb, cult single malt from Ian MacLeod. It is just a massive thick peat smoke rich dram. It has plenty of great south Islay character.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Smoke! Lapsang Souchong. Cool wood smoke, thick and full.
Palate: Big, puckering peat and smoky, fruity sweetness, touch of sherry, sultana. It is herbal.
Finish: Herbal, tangy fruits and more peat smoke!
Recommended food pairing: Pork Ribs

Suntory - The Chita

Suntory – The ChitaThe Chita Bottling Note
Japanese single grain whisky from the Chita distillery, one of the selections of fantastic distilleries owned by Suntory. This is their main expression - a whisky matured in a combination of Sherry, bourbon and (interestingly) wine casks. Good whisky for the summer months
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Honeydew melon, citrus and honeyed cereal.
Palate: Vanilla sponge cake and more honey with a touch of orchard blossom.
Finish: Medium length, rather zesty.
Recommended food pairing: Classic Yamazaki strawberries and dried fruits combined with chocolate cake

Talisker - Skye

Talisker - Skye Talisker Skye was introduced in early 2015, named after the beautiful island on which the distillery resides. This expression brings with it a well-rounded and sweet flavour profile packed with fresh citrus, sweet smoke, peppery spice and traditional Talisker maritime notes. It's matured in a combination of refill and toasted American oak casks, with a slightly higher proportion of toasted casks. Perfect for those who perhaps find the classic Talisker flavour profile is a bit too much, not to say that Talisker fans won't enjoy it too.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Sweet stuff, toffees and vanilla ice cream up front, almost grain-like and becomes increasingly honeyed. There's a little coastal influence here too, just hints of a sweet Caol Ila perhaps, with very restrained smoke.
Palate: Honeyed toasted oak, sappy wood, only a little pepper and smoke, apple turnovers and hints of lemon and lime Opal Fruits and Fennel seeds.
Finish: Drying and slightly less sweet, hints of spice and smoke.
Overall: A more approachable, sweet Talisker. Like 'The Isle of Skye in June'.

Talisker 10 Year Old

Talisker 10 Year OldTalisker 10 Bottling Note
Talisker is a classic Island dram from the Isle of Skye. Aged for a minimum of 10 years in American oak casks, this welcome member of Diageo's Classic Malts series has been recognised numerous times for its excellence.
It was an Editor's Choice at Whisky Magazine, a gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 and was awarded 'Best Islands Single Malt' at the 2017 World Whiskies Awards.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: A fresh and fragrant nose. Through thick and pungent smoke comes a sweet pear and apple peels, with pinches of maritime salt from kippers, seaweed.
Palate: It's a bonfire of peat crackling with black pepper, with a touch of brine and dry barley. A welcome delivery of orchard fruit provides a delicate and beautiful balance.
Finish: In a long finish, bonfire embers toast malt and crystallise a sugary underlay.

Talisker - Storm

Talisker – Storm Talisker Storm Bottling Note
Talisker Storm was released in early 2013 as a no age statement whisky, which was matured in specifically selected refill and toasted American oak casks. An intense and vibrant dram, the Storm offers up plenty of distillery character alongside some smokier depth and complexity.
With a classic Talisker profile, a depth of beautiful flavours and a very reasonable price point, this is ideal single malt for those thinking of exploring the island whisky category. If you're looking for a cocktail serving, this Scotch is simply begging to be used in an Old Fashioned.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Initial brine, but not as abrupt as the 10 Year Old, quite creamy by comparison smells like Banana angel delight and window putty, hint of sticking plasters and barbecues, citrus. White pepper develops towards the bottom of the glass.
Palate: Thick and mouth-coating with wood smoke, brine, some tin and chilli heat too.
Finish: Red chilli peppers and oak dryness with a hint of embers.
Overall: A welcome addition to the Talisker range, and probably the smokiest whisky to be produced on the Isle of Skye.

Talisker Port Ruighe

Talisker Port RuigheAlongside the distillery style there are similarities with Talisker Storm with the thicker, oilier mouthfeel and wood smoke.
Port Ruighe has taken on additional characteristics from the Port casks however, adding sweetness and different notes such as plum and chocolate.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: After a wave of initial sea spray, the nose becomes more complex with Crayola crayons, orange pith and a touch of white chocolate.
Palate: Initial characteristic Talisker brine once again but much sweeter than usual. Thick and mouth coating like the Storm with chilli and a little chocolate orange.
Finish: Milk chocolate becomes cocoa and oak with mocha notes and the faintest hint of that orange pith once again.
Recommended food pairing: The soft texture and depth of the extra-aged Comté cheese tames the Talisker and makes its spicy, green flavours more accessible.

Tobermory - 10 year old

Tobermory - 10 year oldTobermory is gentle, affable 10 year old single malt from the Tobermory distillery on the Isle of Mull. It is now at the higher strength of 46.3%.
Tasting Note by the Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Barley sugars and toasted cereal, supported by hints of winter spice and soft oak. Salty melted butter and ground ginger develop.
Palate: Quite sweet and light. There are elements of acacia honey and continuing oak from the nose. Smoke and black pepper notes rise gently with a touch of dried fruit and peels with a flash of cinnamon later on.
Finish: Long and herbal with a touch of pepper.
Recommended food pairing: Cinnamon Praline Chocolate